Childhood Conversations Pilot Program – Session 2


Continuing our retrospective trip back in time to the era in which you were a child…

We are still focussing on Family Environment. Let’s have a conversation about where you believed that children ‘fit’ within the family unit when you were growing up.

My personal experience was that there was a very clear family hierarchy, with dad firmly at the top!


As children, we were expected to be respectful and to do as we were told. The phrase “children are seen and not heard” was a good indication of how families operated during that time.

What are your perceptions of how children ‘fit’ within the family unit when you were a child? Please share your ideas!

Post written by: Julie Noonan, School Engagement Co-ordinator, Berry Street Childhood Institute

2 thoughts on “Childhood Conversations Pilot Program – Session 2”

  1. As a child I felt very wanted and loved. I was very fortunate that I had wonderful parents who only wanted the best for me.
    My family was maybe a little different to others of that era, as my father willingly did many household chores. I can still remember my Dad saying “your mother works so I will help with the housework”. He would do the washing and hang it out. he would do the floors. Dad also always cleaned the toilet as he did not think that was a job Mum should do.
    My father was a shipping clerk so his wage would not have been very high so mum worked most of the time while I was growing up. My maternal grandmother lived with us as well until her death when I was 14. My grandmother would be the one at home before and after school and she was very precious to my younger brother and sister as well as to myself. My mother at times was a little domineering and Dad could be a bit stubborn, but most decisions were made jointly within the family.
    So the home I grew up in had three adults who shared in my care and showed me that both male and female can share household tasks. It was also a household where I felt respected for who I was and also one where I could choose my own path as I grew older. I always knew that my parents were proud of me and were there for me, no matter what.
    I am 61 now and very thankful for my family.

  2. Thank you Dennyse for contributing to our ‘Childhood Conversation’ sessions – it was wonderful of you to share your memories and experiences of childhood with us.

    Check back soon for updated posts!

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